Day 249 — A Stroke of Good Fortune



A Stroke of Good Fortune by Flannery O’Connor

I almost feel bad posting that picture. Is it a stereotype? Offensive? I’m so paranoid about offending someone. 

I. Summary

A Stroke of Good Fortune stars Ruby, an aging 34-year-old woman, quite fat (her own description). She is told by a fortune-teller Madame Zoleeda that she is growing sick, but that it will end with a stroke of good fortune. As Ruby contemplates this, she feels worse and worse and finally concludes that she is her worst nightmare — pregnant. 

II. Quotations

“If one chicken had been left to walk across the road in Pitman, Rufus would have been there too to keep him company.” — Page 96

“She didn’t see how they stood it, always going to the doctor to be jabbed at with instruments.” — Page 97

“No, I’m not going to no doctor, she said. no. No. She was not. They wold have to carry her there knocked out before she would go.” — Page 98

Those last two quotes accurately sum up how I feel about doctors. 

III. Impressions

I agree whole-heartedly with Ruby and her tribulation-to-come. I hate the doctor, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be pregnant. It’s too bad that Ruby was so convinced that she was going to turn out lucky, though. 

If you’re interested, another review here

I’m not sure how I found this. It came up when I was searching Flannery O’Connor on Google. What?

I read this story in class and didn’t realize it was Flannery O’Connor. I love it.

And here‘s her Wikipedia bio. She’s not Irish. 


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